Flybrix Drone Making Kit


The Scoop

Drones are SO in right now…and will probably not be going away anytime soon.  You shouldn’t be surprised when you get your pizza delivered by one of these things in the near future.  What better time to get your kids started on something that will be in high demand when they hit the job market? Not only that but they will truly enjoy the challenge of making their own flying machines.  This Flybrix kit is STEM-based learning which is a great thing to stimulate those critical parts of developing minds.  And because these are LEGOs they can be crashed and put back together.  And it gets better because you aren’t locked into just one design, make whatever you want. Crash it and build something totally different.

Product Details

  • Encourages visual-spatial skills, logic, creativity, an interest in engineering
  • Play-based STEM learning adventure!
  • Start flying within 15 minutes after opening the box
  • Control motors with downloadable smartphone/tablet app – Or use included joystick controller
  • Comes with 8 motors – Build drones that use 4, 6 , or 8 motors
  • Add your own LEGOs from home for even more creative options
  • Tough, crashable design 
  • Requires 4 AAA batteries – Included
  • Assembled in the U.S.A.

What is it for?

Buildin’, crashin’,  and learnin’

Who is it for?

Kids with a knack for building their own flying machines. 12 years old and up.


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