Hands Free Dog Leash by Tuff Mutt


The Scoop

Its a pain to have your dog tugging on the leash you’re holding, nearly pulling your arm out of socket. This hands-free leash system frees you up to run, walk or do the YMCA dance -whatever strikes your fancy. Its securely around your waist with plenty of lead on the leash for everyone. Its also got a shock absorber built right into the leash. And oh yeah, its also reflective so you can be seen at night.

Product DetailsĀ 

  • Easy glide belt clip
  • Adequate running room
  • Easily control your dog
  • Shock absorbing bungee
  • Reflective material built in
  • Quality material (lifetime guarantee)

What is it used for?

Runnin’ with dogs (not to be confused with Costner’s Dances with Wolves)

Who is this for?

Runners that need a great leash solution for running with their mutts.

Gotta Have it
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