High Power Hunting Slingbow


The Scoop

“Sling what?” Okay, picture a slingshot (wrist rocket) meeting a bow and arrow in a bar, they go home, badda bing, badda boom and the next thing you know they have a baby. This baby is a magical combination of both parents and I do mean “magical” because it has the compact size of a slingshot with take down power of a bow and arrow.  I give you the “Slingbow”.  Pinch the back of the arrow, set the arrow in the whisker biscuit and let fly! Very cool idea. I’m thinking how I can convert it to a bow fishing set up…

Product Details

  • Handmade item
  • Great Sling Shot Bow with amazing power and accuracy
  • Easier to learn to shoot than a traditional sling bow
  • Easy to shot and adjustable, Adjust left and right, up and down
  • Does not come with arrow

What is it used for?

Compact yet powerful arrow shooting

Who is this for?

Hunting and bow enthusiasts

Gotta Have it