LED Flashlight Beanie


The Scoop

We’ve got two hands, perfect for carrying a flashlight in one and the dog leash in the other…but we’ve also got one head! Perfect for sticking a light on. I mean, where ever you look is where you need light, right? So why not just have a light on your forehead…that is also being kept warm by the beanie itself.¬† Then you’ve got BOTH hands free -makes sense to me.

Product Details 

  • 4 super bright LED lights
  • 3 intensity setting
  • Batteries included
  • Rechargable
  • Light is removable

What is it used for?

Stayin’ warm and seein’ stuff in the dark (who KNOWS whats out there!)

Who is this for?

Campers, joggers, walking the dog, bicyclists, fishing

Gotta Have it
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