RHX Multi Tool Carabiners


The Scoop

I don’t know exactly what “RHX” stands for but I know its got an “X” in it and that instantly makes it just a little cooler.  The other thing cool about it is that its got a handful of useful functions.  Carabiners, I’m positive, will be useful forever. I mean can you make a better ‘biner? How ’bout one with a knife? This one also has a bottle opener and both kinds of screw drivers. This is a great, inexpensive thing to have hanging from your backpack but probably shouldn’t be used for climbing (no load capacities listed).

Product Details

  • Convenient hole for threading
  • Useful for camping, mountaineering, riding, and other activities
  • Color: Black
  • Size: (L)10.6cm x (W)6.0cm
  • Material: AUS6A Stainless Steel

What is it used for?

Havin’ around when you need one of it many uses

Who is this for?

Hikers and campers

Gotta Have it
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