Horn Wine Decanter


The Scoop

If you are into wine you know that you gotta aerate that stuff when you are pouring it to a vessel so you get the full flavor of the wine (and soften it a bit).  When you decant you also leave any sediment behind.  That’s where this cool horn shaped decanter comes into play. Its got a lot of surface area so that when it cascades down the sides it picks up oxygen.  This decanter also looks very cool in the home and makes you look like some sort of wine super star. Win-Win.

Product Details

  • Lead free crystal adds clarity and brilliance
  • The full capacity is 1500 ml or 50 oz.
  • Mouth-blown and hand-made.
  • This item is mouth-blown and hand-made; very small air bubbles are unavoidable & normal.

What is it used for?

Holdin’ wine and aerating it on the way in

Who is this for?

Wine enthusiasts

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