Personalized Tree Trunk Glassware Duo


The Scoop

What better gifts are there than personalized ones? How about ones that involve alcohol? Even better.  The duo you choose can be both wine, both beer or a mix.  They can be personalized to have any initials and date in the tree bark that you choose.  This unique and custom glassware will most certainly mark your occasion memorably.  

Product Details

  • Exclusive handmade item
  • Made from glass.
  • Measurements: Pilsner: 9″ H, 23 fl. oz. capacity, Wine Glass: 8.75″ H, 16 fl. oz. capacity
  • Care : Hand wash Do not microwave or add hot liquids. Glassware is not heat resistant and may break with extreme temperatures.
  • Available as a set of two wine or pilsner glasses or one of each.
  • Made in USA

What is it used for?

Drinkin’ and bein’ merry

Who is this for?

Couples looking to commemorate an anniversary

Gotta Have it