Luggage Tag by Kikkerland


The Scoop

You know how it goes, you get into the terminal and head to baggage claim after a grueling flight. You just want to get home to a hot bath but…..ya gotta find your luggage amongst the sea of similar looking pieces of luggage. Fortunately, you’re already ahead of the pack cuz you were cleaver enough to slap a pizza-shaped luggage tag on your stuff. What sticks out better than a big ol’ slice of pizza amongst all those black pieces of luggage?!

Product DetailsĀ 

  • Adjustable strap with high-quality metal buckle
  • Clear plastic window for easy viewing
  • Blank ID card included
  • Faux leather construction

What is it used for?

Pickin’ out your stuff from miles away

Who is this for?

Travelers tired of trying to pick out their stuff from a sea of other people’s stuff

Gotta Have it