Rolo: Roll-Up Travel Bag


The Scoop

Personally, I love the idea of not lugging around a backpack when traveling.  This is especially true for those shorter, 2-3 day stints.  The ROLO fills that niche nicely. It has compartments for all the main categories of clothes (shirts, pants, socks, undies) so you’re not digging around looking for a matching sock (which is ALWAYS tucked into some impossible crevice of a backpack).  It allows you to roll your clothes so you don’t get annoying creases.  Wear by itself across your body or attach it to a larger pack for the benefit of a true modular system.

Product Details 

  • Materials: Nylon, metal
  • Metal hanging hook for closets or doors
  • Quality construction and craftsmanship
  • Dimensions: 4 feet long, 17.5 inches wide
  • Wear cross body, sash-style

What is it used for?

Travelin’ light and doin’ it in style

Who is this for?

Travelers looking for a short trip solution for packs

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