Solo Collapsible Hanger


The Scoop

The strange thing about hangers is that for something so thin they really take up a lot of space in your suitcase.  The new Solo is more than just a convenient folding hanger though, it collapses so you can insert it into the neck of button down shirts that are already buttoned so you don’t have to go from underneath.  With a simple motion of your hand you can also collapse the hanger for super easy removal of clothes from the hanger. Not too shabby.

Product Details

  • Expanded – 17.75″ width x 6.5″ height x 7″ depth
  • Folded – 6.75″ width x 11.5″ height x 7″ depth
  • Materials: polypropylene

What is it used for?

Taking hangers with you in your suitcase and making the hanging process easier

Who is this for?

Travelers that need hanger efficiency 

Gotta Have it
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