Live Edge Black Walnut Coat Rack and Shelf


The Scoop

Some looks just stand the test of time and the rustic look is one of them. This black walnut live edge piece will make a great coat rack and shelf for your home and, because it will be the first thing people see when they walk in, it will set their expectations right off the bat. Guests will know they are entering a house of timeless style.

Product DetailsĀ 

  • Dimensions: 30 1/2 long x 7″-9′ wide x 5/8″ thick
  • Wood: Black Walnut
  • What you see in the picture is the actual item.

What is it used for?

Showin’ your rustic style

Who is this for?

Those that can appreciate good quality woodwork…and anyone that needs to hang their coat

Gotta Have it