Gigantic Lava Lamp


The Scoop

There’s a few things in this life that refuse to go away. Let’s review: the slinky, that paddle with the ball on the elastic string thing, rubicks cube, Play-doh, LEGO and pet rocks…no, nevermind pet rocks have left the building.  And finally, the trusty lava lamp has remained in our lives for all to enjoy except how its big…really big. This baby is over 2 feet tall and oh so groovy.

Product Details

  • 27” tall
  • Weight: 19.15 pounds
  • Yellow wax with blue liquid
  • Hand blown glass
  • 100w bulb included
  • Plugs into 110v outlet
  • Made by the original Lava Lamp company

What is it used for?

Revivin’  your inner hippie

Who is this for?

Folks that want the timeless decor of the lava lamp back in their lives

Gotta Have it
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