Password Reminder Book


The Scoop

This alphabetized password book is 13 bux.  Can you put a price on the frustration of forgetting a critical password?  Sure, you could store important passwords in an electronic device…only to have it hacked or otherwise exposed to hordes of ne’er do wells.  Remember that celebrity iPhone breach?  Its easy, just write it down in the book, put the book in a safe place and never be caught trying to summon a critical password from the depths of your over taxed memory again. Done and done.
Products Details

  • 100% recycled paper label stock
  • 6″ L x 3.75″ W x 0.5″D, 50 pgs.
What is it used for?
Passwords. (Hint, don’t make all your passwords “password”!)
Who is this for?
Those that hold a lot of password protected accounts
Gotta Have it