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The Scoop

Having a pool is great isn’t it? Can it even get better? Well, it just did.  How about a way to effortlessly float around in your pool at about chest level while keeping your hands free for drinks? That’s right I said “drinks”, plural -two hands free means two drinks right?  The Pool Saddle is just that floaty device that will allow you to hover around the pool like magic.  The designers created it with  just the right amount of flotation to keep you at the right depth.  Nothing to blow up or lose air. Plus you can sit on outside the pool when you need something softer than the hard pool deck.

Product Details 

  • Floating chair shaped like a saddle
  • Great for floating and relaxing
  • Gives your arms and legs freedom to paddle
  • Soft, comfortable cushion seat

What is it used for?

Floating around the pool at just the right level.  It can also be used as a cushion while sitting on the pool deck.

Who is this for?

Pool owners (and those that sneak into other people’s pools at night).

Gotta Have it
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