Retro Hot Dog Toaster


The Scoop

This is the kind of thing I like discovering and sharing with you guys…its a hog dog toaster! Yes, it toasts the dogs and the buns and its got a likeable retro feel.¬† Was this actually a thing back in the day?!¬† If it was or wasn’t, its here now so get your dog on! You’re probably thinking “what about the office? Can I take this thing to the office and just casually prepare some delicious dogs while my co-workers look on in jealous disbelief”? Answer: yep.

Product Details 

  • Cooks two regular-size or extra-plump hot dogs at a time
  • Toasts two buns at a time
  • Adjustable cooking timer and stop cooking button
  • Removable hot dog cage
  • Includes mini tongs for removing hot dogs
  • Drip tray for easy cleaning

What is it used for?

Toastin’ dogs and buns

Who is this for?

Lovers of dogs and toasted buns…so everyone, pretty much

Gotta Have it
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