Barbarian Hat


The Scoop

Okay, quick show of hands: Who does NOT wish they were a marauding barbarian? Uh huh, no hands, thats what I thought.¬† Barbarians are in and have always been in cuz what’s not to like. The beards, the horns the look of determination, the stolen booty.¬† Well, now you can wake up like this, all ya gotta do is slap on this knitted barbarian hat when your attacking the snow covering your car or when you’re invading the slopes on your snowboard this winter.

Product Details 

  • Black, Brown, Gray

What is it used for?

Showin’ off your barbarian pride (and covering up a “bad beard day” with a better beard)

Who is this for?

Folks with a true barbarian heart (but are cursed with a light beard)

Gotta Have it