The Flip 2-in-1 Rock and Roll Ride On


The Scoop
The thing with buying kids toys is that they accumulate. They stack up like snow drifts in deep winter but what if you could get something they will actually use AND it can become 2 different toys?! This Flip 2-in-1 does just that. It is a rocker and with a simple flip of the mechanism you instantly have a roller. This toy has won awards! And best of all, its not some mass produced, plastic throw away…its well built with sustainable birch wood. Your children could, conceivably, pass it on to their kids! Whats not to love?
Product Details
  • Made durably from sustainably-grown birch wood
  • Transforms from rocker to push toy to ride-on in seconds
  • Can be fully assembled in just minutes
  • Ages 1-5
What is it for?
Ridin’…AND rockin’!
Who is it for?
Small ones. 1 to 5 year olds that seem to have endless energy.
Gotta Have it