Scientific Explorer Tornado Maker


The Scoop
What’s worse than a tornado? A liquid tornado, of course.  With this controllable liquid tornado kids can see just how destructive spinning weather events like tornadoes and hurricanes can be. Mostly, its a great way to entertain kids though.  After playing with this they will see news stories about tornadoes in a whole different way.
Product Details
  • Create a high-speed thundering liquid tornado right before your eyes
  • Change tornado simulation strenghth levels
  • 3 AA batteries; not included
  • Includes a Tornado Maker, cloud lid with a viewer, tractor, pig and cow models and an instruction manual
  • Recommended for children 6 years of age and older
What is it for?
Spinnin’ and learnin’
Who is it for?
Kids 6 and up who like to watch science happen in real time.
Gotta Have it
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